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I know I am a bit behind the blog-sphere with this - but I wanted to be very intentional about my cooking and blogs goals for this year - not just some words on paper, but really make goals and have a plan for getting those accomplished. I also wanted accoutability - making sure these don't just remain goals and plan on paper, but actually something I follow through with. 

After many drafts and a few hair pulls - some of my goals for this blog in 2015 - I have them written up , I have a plan to get it done  and the accountability - well , it gonna come in the form of a monthly catch up / links I love post (replacing the weekly links). So let's go

Bake Better, Bake More. So baking - it is not my strongest point; sure I have made a few things on the blog, but there were more baking disasters that never made it. This is the year to conquer my baking woes, I figured I have just got keep practicing, so once twice a month I am baking something.

More Ethinic Foods. One of my biggest passion and inspirations comes from travels and experiencing new places and cultures, so I am bringing that to the blog. The goal is one Ethinic food (inspired by past and future) travels will be coming to this space at least every other month.

More Nigerian Food (Finally). I was born in Nigeria, West Africa and one of the many things I love and miss about my Country is the food - it delicious, its hearty and everthing a food lover dreams of. I have been working on a project to revamp some of my favorite traditional foods so that it's easy to make for Nigerians and Non Nigerian and also healthier (without lossing its authenticity). It was tidious process that took over half a year, but it was worth every moment - so Nigerian recipes coming at you (every last Wednesday of the month) - Get excited.

Take a cooking class. I am thinking a sushi rolling class or a dumpling class (argh). This is one that I have not fully fleshed out yet, but its happening.

Entertain More. I love entertaining, but somewhere between the long work hours, launching two projects, studies - it just fell by the way side. Once a quarter, its happening - get excited. I have so many ideas - Brunch, Pizza Party (can't wait) - yes , you are invited.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter. This the overarching theme for my year - get rid of all the junk - spices, cookbooks, utensils, gadgets that dont work or have never been used, They gotta go - the projects starts this weekend, one kitchen drawer/cabinet at a time. The plan is to get it done in 3 months - so fingers crossed.

There you have it. The first monthly catch up/accountability/links I love post will be coming here January 31 (and every last day of the month this year) - Get Excited.