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The first month of the year has been insanely busy for me --- a few projects I have been working are wrapping up and starting to make appearances on the blog, two exams, a massive facelift to my life + style blog (here) , and a lot of cooking. Kicked things off on January 1st with a Peppermint Hot Chocolate that I can't stop taking about. Hint: You need to go make yourself a cup right now, so you have something to sip on as you read - go ahead, I will wait patiently for your return (it's that good) ...

Then there was a pan seared fish on a bed of greens with bean and corn salad - a little something to help with that fitness related new year's resolution. Then the first of many Nigerian recipe to be featured on the blog - it's call efo riro (pronouced "F or ri row") aka Nigerian Spinach Soup - you have got to try it. For those who know Nigerian food - this one has got a twist - It is oilless so significantly healthier than the traditonal one.

I also made banana granola muffins (a healthy-ish breakfast, snack - all around great stuff); then there was the  spaghetti rissotto with pancetta and roasted veg (we should all start cooking our spaghetti rissotto style) ; green beans and sausage fried rice (which you should try for days you need dinner in a pinch). I also shared my kitchen and cooking goals for the year

There were also some awesome recipes of the blogsphere this month - here are a few I cannot stop (won't stop) talking about:

Weekly Links

creamy roasted garlic potato soup with crispy brussel sprouts - only soup I want this winter

cheesy spaghetti bolognese on crispy garlic bread boat  

egg in a hole grilled cheese - good night all !

vanilla cake with vanilla frosting  

lazy mary citrus tart  

peanut butter cheesecake with marshmallow frosting and bananas - drops mic

oatmeal raisin cookie baked oatmeal - 'nuff said

everything bagel cheez itsyass !!!

Tangerine Sour Cream Pound Cake  

Cherry Cardamon Pavlova  

winter lemonade with ginger and clove - could get used to this.

flaky + fluffy buttermilk biscuit - just because

Quinoa Brunch Bowls - healhty food never looked sexier

Chocolate Cookies with Ritz Crackers

this mac n' cheese party - what the what ?