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Hi There. My name is Simi (aka rehobothmoreh) - A foodie born and raised in Nigeria, now living in Texas. 

Welcome to Table with A View. My corner of the internet where I share my passion for food (and sometimesentertaining). A lot of the recipes I share are created by me and inspired by my travels, but I also get inspiration from just opening my refrigerator. You will also come across some Nigerian recipe (with my own twist) here, along with tips and tricks to make cooking stress free.  I have an unhealthy obsession with smoothies, all things rice, mac n' cheese and pancakes. 

I enjoy other things  besides food and travel, if you are interested you can find those ramblings here.

About the name. I spent months trying to come up with a name and this came to me as I was flipping through pictures from a recent vacation - I realized I always ask for a table with the best view when I am eating out on vacation. I ran the idea by a good friend (who is great about letting me know if my ideas are rubbish), she liked the name - so I settled on it. 

All recipes and photographs are mine (unless otherwise stated).